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This page is filled with comments about New England School of Montessori, made by currently enrolled, as well as alumni famillies. Enjoy! 


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  • Mini & Jyothish (Tuesday, September 18 12 02:12 pm EDT)

    We have had such a wonderful experience at NESM over the past 7 years and it was a great journey for our son as well. At the beginning we were not sure how it would all turn out, but we wanted to try out the Montessori approach as we had read about it. We were pleasantly surprised with the results.

    In his first year at the school, the progress was not on the academic level, but was more from the social level. He loved the peaceful and open approach at NESM and loved going to school every day. Very soon we started seeing him taking big steps on the academic side as well. Luckily, he always had great teachers to guide and inspire him along. Have to mention that Maria has a great knack for finding very passionate teachers.

    Our advice for new parents at NESM is to not start looking for immediate improvements, especially in academics. Give them some space and let them be comfortable with the environment and the Montessori approach first. The rest will follow, you will be surprised when the transition happens.

    The Montessori approach does not have a set curriculum and lets kids study at their own pace, but there is some method to this freedom too. Think of it as they way the chicken farmer drives his flock back into its chicken house towards the end of the day. The chickens are all freely grazing and running around the farm, and then with a slight prod they converge slowly and towards the end they fall in line to enter the chicken house. So in the same way the kids get to do a routine even though they don’t feel they are being forced into it.

    In the elementary classes the children are introduced into reading chapter books. This might not sound special, but what they do is to introduce them to read stories that teach kids about life and struggles, stories that are emotional and have a lesson. This helps them to read all kinds of books, including non-fictional books. It also helps to expand their thinking and prepare them to be better citizens as they grow up.

    There are some things that are special about NESM outside of their Montessori approach. One is that as a school they welcome people from all cultures and integrate them into the NESM family. Two is that even though NESM is a small school with limited resources (space and staff), they still provide so many activities to kids to the best of what they can offer. The teachers are so very dedicated and love their kids.

    Finally, the school is not just a place for the kid to learn academics, but it is also a place where they spend most of their time and also learn many social skills. So it must be a peaceful environment that they look forward to going everyday. And as parents we need to be happy that our kids are in a safe and good environment so that we can concentrate on our daily work.

  • J. Newman (Tuesday, November 10 09 06:16 am EST)

    Our four and a half year-old recently asked us to move her desk from our home office into her bedroom. She was very particular about placing it in front of the window, getting her own desk lamp, and her own supply of pens. "I want to be able to concentrate on my homework," she said, and proceeded to write about ten words, demonstrating better penmanship than her parents. Thanks to the New England School of Montessori, and its wonderful teachers, our child loves to learn. We have a one year-old at home, she'll soon be following her sister to school.

  • M. Closzewski (Wednesday, November 04 09 03:41 pm EST)

    The other day I overheard two exhausted looking mothers talking about how unhappy their children are in school. One mother was saying how she has to fight with her son every morning on the way to school and when leaving him. The other was saying how her daughter told her she doesn't like taking tests and when she confronted the teacher about it the teacher explained, "that's how we do things here and that's how we know she retained her facts". These mothers also noted how much their children have changed since being in this school - and not for the better, in fact one said with all the drilling at school it didn't seem as though her reading has improved and her child who once loved books now even wants to look at them.
    After hearing this I am proud to say I am a Montessori Parent and my children LOVE their school. My kids not only look forward to attending class they cry when it's time to LEAVE. They are active learners in this school and their inner scientist is fueled not diminished. They are WAY ABOVE the average public school child in Math, Science, Language, in fact in all aspects.
    Too bad public schools don't learn from the Montessori method.

    So thank you New England School of Montessori for giving my family peace and my children a stimulating education where they are truly active learners!
    I am so glad I made the Montessori choice!

  • Layla C. (Wednesday, October 14 09 02:02 pm EDT)

    I just want to say this school is wonderful! My son loves the school too!
    Thank you for the all the hard work and keeping true to our children the future generations!

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