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"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education." Albert Einstein


Celebrating SEVENTEEN Years!


As NESM enters it's seventeenth year, we are planning to institute our very first major fundraising campaign. We aim to fund several major structural, as well as outdoor grounds additions and, most importantly, our SCHOLARSHIP fund for children enrolled in their THIRD YEAR of the Primary Montessori Cycle. 


We hope to receive visits from all families whose children have been enrolled throughout the past 16 years and we look forward to seeing how the children have grown and blossomed into young adulthood. 


If you'd like to know why children love their experiences in our Montessori school, join us at one of our Open House events: Call 203-878-9822 for a tour of the amazing Montessori environment for children ages six weeks through sixth grade. We welcome you to observe our classrooms to find out what our unique Montessori environments can offer to you and your child.

The Montessori Philosophy - WHAT IS MONTESSORI?


Early in the twentieth century, Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician, developed educational materials and methods based on her belief that children learn best by doing, not by passively accepting other people's ideas and pre-existing knowledge. It was an innovative learning idea and means the active personal pursuit of many different experiences: physical, social, emotional, cognitive. With the materials Montessori devised, an environment in which such learning takes place can be created. Montessori believed learning should occur in multi-age classrooms where children at various stages of development learn from and with each other. Her developmentally appropriate approach was designed to fit each child instead of making each child fit the program.


Click here to view a 5-minute video explaining the Three-year Cycle.  Montessori honors the spirit of the child during the crucial early years, three through six.  The competence, confidence and compassion fostered in the Montessori Primary class creates the foundation to sustain the children throughout their subsequent education and into adulthood.


View the videos on our left margin to discover Montessori cycles for the 0-3 year old and Elementary years.

Our Mission


New England School of Montessori promotes self confidence and joy through active learning, empowering the whole child to become a compassionate world citizen. 

Our students' potential gracefully unfolds within a multi age environment, allowing the children to recognize and optimize their individual capabilities.

Our Growth - Year 2000 through 2016


We opened our doors to twenty children in the Fall of 2000. Since then, we have added additional  classrooms, including a Nido (Infant), Toddler and an Elementary classroom.  In 2009, we moved to a larger space that offers enormous amounts of natural light and we now have a small community of like-minded people who share the vision of Dr. Maria Montessori. Call for details, only 2 spots left!

Our Future Vision


Our school has grown steadily each year developing into a program which will accommodate children ages 6 weeks - 12 years. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for learning, to the young people of Milford, CT and all surrounding communities. We believe Montessori offers children a solid foundation in which to develop from physically, socially, emotionally and academically. Our students are well-rounded in their abilities and interests and score 35% higher on standard tests than CT children the same age who have not expanded themselves within the Montessori environment.

  • The Toddler Community: Older infants through three years of age explore their world through the nurturing comfort of our calm and peaceful space.
  • The Children's House: Home to children ages three through six (equivalent to preschool and kindergarten), the NESM Primary Program includes three classrooms.
  • The Elementary School (equivalent to grades 1 through 6): For children ages six through twelve, NESM's Elementary classroom features one spacious classroom.

The intimate atmosphere of this small school provides the children with a personalized education and a celebration of their individuality.

The NESM Environment


  • Nourishes children's natural curiosity
  • Supports their continuing steps on the path to discovery
  • Celebrates their accomplishments, large and small
  • Provides a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning
  • Instills in students a deep confidence in themselves and
  • their abilities—a confidence that serves them well as they move on into the wider world
  • Our intimate environment, our emphasis on academic rigor, and our focus on each student's individual strengths all help produce young people with a solid sense of self, who step out and face their future with a strong mind and an open heart
MEMBER of American Montessori Society
International Montessori Council
New England Association of Schools and Colleges ACCREDITED by NEASC
MEMBER of Montessori Schools of CT
Click FAST logo to apply for Click FAST logo to apply for a partial scholarship


Scholarship program available to Primary (3 - 6) and Elementary (6 - 12) aged children.  All information is provided to FAST and kept confidential to Independent School Management FAST advisors. Opens Jan. 1st for the following Fall school year.  Closes April 30th.

"The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by the educator."

Dr. Maria Montessori

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