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ALUMNI Students:                                                                                                We want to know...Where are you and WHO are you, today?             


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  • Jessi McNeill (Thursday, April 09 15 03:15 pm EDT)

    My name is Jessi McNeill and I am 18 years old. I attended Montessori for Kindergarden, but I remember loving it! Right now, I live in Stratford, CT, but I am attending college in Newport, RI and I
    am currently finishing my freshman year. I am a sociology/anthropology major and cultural and historic preservation minor. The Montessori Method of education has definitely given me a perspective on
    learning and life that many of my peers have not had. I think NESM has been an amazing influence on life. It encouraged me at a very young age to be creative and to yearn to learn! NESM really helped
    me throughout all of my years of schooling and it continues to help me today! NESM is great!

  • Amar Kalaria (Friday, February 07 14 11:01 am EST)

    Hi! I am Amar Kalaria. I am currently 14 and attending Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut. I went to NESM for six years. Unfortunately, I had leave NESM in 3rd grade. I am still living in Milford, Connecticut. I played for the Hopkins soccer team in the fall of 2013 and am planning to play tennis in the spring. NESM has made a positive influence in my life by making me more independent which has helped in the school I attended after. Also, it is where I have made lifelong friends and given me the education and values that I will implement throughout my life. It was great helping out at NESM last summer and I would love to visit again.

  • Ahsen Pothiawala (Wednesday, January 22 14 10:41 am EST)

    I am 14, I live in Orange CT, and I am currently a Freshman at Fairfield Prep. I attended NESM for five years, Pre-K to 2nd Grade. I do many activities at my school such as, tennis, soccer, and running. NESM was a great experience for me, not only did I meet a lot of friends that I am still very close with, the education and values that were instilled in me at a young age allowed me to be ahead at the school I attended after NESM. Last summer I went back to NESM to help out and I had a really good time giving back and I look forward to going back soon.

  • Teja Parasa (Sunday, December 15 13 08:35 pm EST)

    Hi! I'm Teja Parasa. I am currently 15 and am a sophomore at Metro Early College High School in Columbus Ohio. I volunteer at the hospital and library and do many activities like soccer and martial arts. NESM has instilled core values and habits that I will implement forever.

  • Sophie Corbett (Thursday, July 18 13 04:06 pm EDT)

    I am 14, going into my Sophomore year at Lauralton Hall. I went to NESM for six years (
    Pre-K to 3rd grade). I sadly had to leave NESM in 2007 as it did not continue past third grade. I am still living here in Milford, Connecticut. I am working my way through highschool and will hopefully be competeing for the LH gymnastics team this coming winter. NESM made a positive influence on me by making me more independent, this independence has helped me greatly in high school.

Calling all Alumni - Where are you NOW? Parents may also complete form below, simply sign the bottom of your post.


As the New England School of Montessori (NESM) begins it's 15th year we’d like to hear from our graduates and place your update on our webpage!  Please complete the form below and check back for updates from your former classmates.  Parents, if completing the form for your child, please give your perspective to all of the questions below. Be sure to note that you are the author of this post and not your child. Thank you for your support.  We are honored to have been a contributing part of your life's history.


Enter your:

  • First name and current age
  • How many years did you attend NESM? Montessori schools in general.
  • Geographically, where are you now?
  • What are you doing, what are your current interests/passions?
  • In your opinion, how has this Montessori Method of education affected your life?
  • In your opinion, how has NESM made a positive influence on your life?
  • How was your transition to the next school upon leaving NESM?

Thanks for keeping in touch!

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