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"When I began the school, I had one main idea: to make the school fit the child - instead of making the child fit the school." Maria Zullo

Welcome to Montessori - An EXCEPTIONAL education for your child!

I first discovered the Montessori Method of education well after the years I spent in college in the Dept. of Educ at SCSU. That program mentioned the Method, alongside other views from theorists such as Piaget, Freud, both Sigmund and Anna, Itard, and Erikson. I left college believing that Dr. Maria Montessori was one of many, instead of one of a kind!


In 1995, The Cobb School Montessori in Simsbury welcomed me as simply an interested person.  They escorted me to an adult-sized chair in a classroom for children ages 3-6.  Mine was the only adult sized piece of furniture in the room, I thought, "Where is the teacher's desk? The chalkboard, etc?". The teachers paid me no attention as they were completely focused on the children.  "What were they learning in this room?" Well, it turns out that they were learning everything that I had learned in a public school environment, except, they had all curricula located within this large classroom space! They hadn't even left for lunch! I watched from my seat as the oldest children turned their classroom into a..."What are they doing? Why are they rolling up the large circle rug?" Oh, I see.  They were moving it to the side and then they began to carry heavy child-sized tables and chairs to the the middle of the classroom.  They were setting the tables together and covering them with pretty table cloths and setting each table setting with what looked like real glassware and silverware (child-sized).  They proceeded to enjoy their own packed lunches as a family would, along with the teacher.  She helped very little, however, she guided their converstions as a PR rep would with her client.  I sat there in AWE!  I left Simsbury with a new idea for my own future.  I would learn to teach this Method and then, open a school in my area of CT, where there was none. I needed to earn a living, I needed to be happy doing so and I needed to stay close to home where I had an elder grandmother and a disabled mother, both living in Stratford, CT.  Five years after sitting in that classroom, and having the pleasure of observing the same way in many, many other Montessori schools that were located up and down the east coast, I settled in Milford, CT as that was the only affordable rent in the area.  12 minutes from my family.


At New England School of Montessori (NESM), community is a fundamental value and a daily living experience. We make decisions collectively, drawing on the diverse talents of our professional family. We continuously challenge ourselves to improve and enrich our programs - incorporating new technologies, refining our teaching materials and methods and carefully preparing all environments. Regularly, we examine and update our curriculum to reflect new discoveries while preserving the integrity of the Montessori Method.


The dedication of the NESM faculty ensures continuity and high standards and a "lived" understanding of the transformational power of a Montessori experience. Whether your child is an infant, age 2, 6 or 12 years old, our programs will teach them the skills they'll need to support their inner quest for Self -- respect, direction, motivation, discipline, and worth.  This Method is the oldest and longest-running educational Method in the world! None other has maintained itself, through the last 110 years, like the Montessori Method has.  Montessori teaches to the whole brain of the child.  If you are looking for a well-rounded, brain-based education for your child, contact us before your child turns 3 to ensure a space in our Children's House classroom community.  Then, prepare for amazing results!


NESM has always been passionate about offering a solid and true Montessori educational experience and we want to share it with you and your family. We invite you to discover the joy and satisfaction of this, the longest-running educational philosophy, still in existence today, and gaining strength the world over.  Our state of CT is preparing a special class of educational standards based on the Montessori Method and will be ready in the next few years.  


With warmest regards,

Maria Zullo - Founder and Head of School

Head of School

MEMBER of American Montessori Society
International Montessori Council
New England Association of Schools and Colleges ACCREDITED by NEASC
MEMBER of Montessori Schools of CT
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Scholarship program available to Primary (3 - 6) and Elementary (6 - 12) aged children.  All information is provided to FAST and kept confidential to Independent School Management FAST advisors. Opens Jan. 1st for the following Fall school year.  Closes April 30th.

"The child is truly a miraculous being, and this should be felt deeply by the educator."

Dr. Maria Montessori

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