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Mathematics Curriculum

The mathematics curriculum allows the child to explore and discover new concepts through a "hands on" approach. Each concept is presented with materials that allow the child to experience a concept several ways:

  • in visual form
  • in tactile form

The child works with the Montessori material to allow him or her to move towards the process of abstraction. All mathematical concepts are presented in this way, for example:

  • reading numbers
  • fractions
  • squaring of binomials

The Montessori child feels as though math is a puzzle to figure out and approaches Mathematics without hesitation. The child is given the "keys" to unlock the mysteries of the mathematical world.


The elementary child has already been provided with a rich sensorial experience of geometry through his or her work with materials in the primary classroom. The work is expanded upon in the elementary program. The child learns the proper names of geometric solids and figures, and explores the triangle as the "constructor" or building block for all geometric figures.


Exploring Geometric Concepts

Once the child has acquired knowledge of geometric vocabulary, he or she will explore geometric concepts such as:

  • the point
  • lines
  • angles
  • triangles
  • quadrilaterals
  • polygons
  • circles

Relating Concepts, Working with Materials

The child learns how each concept relates to each other by working with materials that allow him or her to build and experiment with each concept. Each topic is studied in great detail.


The Montessori student will also explore concepts such as congruency, similarity and equivalence, transitivity, area, volume, Pythagorean theorem and Euclid's theorem.

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